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What is FBI Background Check?

FBI Background Check is a Criminal Background check which is conducted by the FBI on the Criminal Data base maintained at their facility. The FBI on Application shall conduct such check and issue certificate stating 'No Prior Arrest Record' or otherwise upon receiving the Fingerprints of the applicant. 

This Check is also known as -

FBI Background Check - FBI Identity History Summary Check - (FBI IdHSC) - FBI Criminal Background Check etc.


The document issued by the FBI upon such a check is known as FBI IdHSC Report/ FBI Police Clearance Certificate/ FBI PCC/ 

USA PCC/ RAP Sheet/ FBI FD 258 Fingerprint Check Report etc.

FBI FD 258 NSK & Co Forensics Bangalore®
FBI PCC Report NSK & Co Forensics®

How to get FBI PCC and Fingerprinting in Bangalore?

Documents Required:

1 Valid Govt. Photo Identity Proof such as -

Passport - Aadhaar - Drivers License - Voter's ID - PAN Card etc.

Steps to Obtain FBI Background Check Report:

1. Call us to book a convenient appointment and get a quote for our service. 

2. Visit our office with 1 Valid Photo ID Proof. (Home Service also available at nominal fee)

3. Complete Online Registration and Form Fill on FBI Portal with Expert Assistance at our Office.

4. Complete payment of $18 USD FBI Fee online and receive acknowledgement immediately.

5. Our Experienced Certified Fingerprint Expert shall take your Fingerprints on FD 258 Fingerprint Card.

6. Fingerprint Cards along with necessary documents shall be forwarded to the FBI Facility via FedEx/ DHL Intl Priority Courier.


Once documents are submitted you may expect to receive your FBI Report usually in 7-10* Business Days.

Let our Expert take you through the process and answer your queries. Call us Now!

 *Terms & Conditions Apply. Procedure, process, timeline, costs etc are subject to change from time to time.

Home Service Appointment available at Nominal Fee
Expedited Service FBI PCC in 7-10* Business Days
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